When is the best time to visit Sapa?

Sapa Weather; Best time to Visit sa pa vietnam?

Considering the best time to visit Sapa , this picturesque northern gem of Vietnam play a role key in all vietnam travel Sights . there are some notes that every visitor should consider before planning a visit to Sapa, because of its mountainous location there will not be easy to drive to Sapa especially in rainy season, when the road surface is slippery and a little bit dangerous. The rainy or wet season lasts for around 3 months, from June to September, and it is not a best time to visit Sapa during that period of time. However from June to September is high domestic season so you may expect to see more Kinh than other ethnic minorities. From September to mid-December, the weather is perfect and considered as the best time to visit Sapa, photo-taking and camping trips, making it one of two best times to drop by Sapa.

Visit Sapa in winter season

This is not the best time to visit Sapa , from late December to February, Sapa has a harsh winter with temperature being practically zero and cold winds coming to the region from China. The dry season in Sapa is from January to June, but from January to February, the winter still predominates in the dreaming town. March to May is another best time to visit Sapa, with sunny days, good weather and fresh air. June is an unstable month; sometimes wet season comes earlier in mid-June, so tourists should be mindful of June, too. In general, March to May and September to mid-December is two best times to visit this marvelous town.

Sapa Climate Chart

March to May: perfect weather – warm and dry and best time for trekking and outdoors activities
June to September: rainy weather, best time to visit Sapa for Vietnamese tourists
Late September to mid December: cool and dry weather, best time for photography and trekking
Mid December to February: harsh winter but few tourists