Grilled Chicken Feet_ delicious food for rainny day in Hanoi

In Hanoi, Ly Van Phuc street (small street on Nguyen Thai Hoc street) is a place which is famous for grilled chicken feet. Grilled chicken feet are sold in the whole Ly Van Phuc street but the last booth is said as the best one.

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Grilled chicken feet for a fun day

Fragrant grilled chicken wings and feet are served with sweet potato and bread, pickled cucumber, chili, etc. They are delicacies that visitors cannot refuse when visiting Hanoi. With the fragrant and crispy grilled chicken feet, how do you go far without recalling?

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Grilled chicken feet are served with chutney and pickled cucumber.

Hanoi in winter is the best time to visit vietnam. So you can eat many delicious food in here.